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easy-made manipulator

pick some small objects

well, it's my first manipulator. ist's nothing special, but it's better than everything i did with this metal contruction box i have. it would be great, when there is someone who wants to help me, so i can control it from my pc, but you have to know ,that i'm totally new in this stuff(but i work hard to improve myself). i work on a new project wich shoud be ready after some months, but i'll probably make a video before that. so, enjoy!


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/ Fritsl

that is pretty awsome with the whole electroinics part.


Very well done...

Now in the spirit of drumming machines - it just needs a drumstick and something to rap on.  If its going to keep up with the sound track you may have to up the voltage significantly :) 

considering you did so well with the video - maybe you could make it look like its fast by removing every other frame,

keep up the great work


Don't be rediculous, what a wonderful device! Very well done! What code/ microcontroler did you use?



well, that was my point naming it "easy-made".. there is no controller, no code, not a single resistor, etc. the manipulator is controlable only with a "joystick" i've created. 4 servos - 5 buttons(the best i could make without any electronics knowledge). but it's comming more and i will need help for that(soon)!

You don't give yourself enough credit. You might want to make this into a tutorial. I might want to try building one of these.
10x! i'm glad you liked it! but.. it's too late for a tutorial... i needed some of the parts for experimenting and the robo-hand is half apart. the good news is that, its not that hard to make something like this. there are only two tricky parts - motors 1 and 4. i can help you telling what is NOT going to work, in case you want to build it. the rest can be build the way you like it. i can send you hi-res pics on your mail, if you want to, but a whole tutorial...
10x again!

my inspiration for doing the easy-made manipulator
my inspiration for making the easy-made manipulator

Stop-motion in planning = cool!

/ Fritsl

You can't piece together a guide of some sort? I'd love to make one of these. Brennon

:) i can, but i will not... it's simply TOO much work. why don't you start, as i told you and i'll help you with everything i can. i don't really understand what you expecting from me - a detailed plan what comes first, what second, with pictures and videos?!? :) i will need weeks to make this... as i allready told - i have hi-res pictures, where u can see allmost every part. i never used tutorials building legos or metal kits like this and i don't see the point making something exactly the same like someone else did.. don't be angry, but there is NO WAY loosing 2 weeks for a tutorial. i will make pictures for every step in my new project, but i won't build THIS one more time, only because u wanna know which nut comes first.
i'd love to help you make one of these. :)

little spiro