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reading serial data from more than one arduino


Is it possibleto read serial data from more than one arduino at the same time (using a pc or similar) ?  If so - how would you rig it up andwhat extra equipment would you need (if any)?

I was trying to think if it was possible and then thought that you might get data collision?

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I allready made one robot from old computer Parts , but its not remort control. i want to use a parrelel port to controle a motor help me are there any programme in Visual Basic. Please help me.

Please create a new thread - this thread is for an Arduino that uses C not BASIC.
Can I only use 1 com port on the PC?  Is there a way to have many Arduinos talking to 1 master Arduino than then talks to my PC?

You can multiple com ports on a PC.  You'll just need to interact with each separately.  Depending on which programming language you use will determine how you have to do that. 

There are many different ways to have multiple arduinos talking to one master which then relays the data back to the PC.

What are you wanting to accomplish?  There may be other ways to solve it without multiple arduinos.

I'm not creating anything in particular - I'm just thinking ahead.  I have a few ideas that will require gathering lots of data from different phisical locations.
Sounds like some of the remote sensors that are set up using XBee wireless radios.
I'm new to all this so I'm not sure how the xbee would work?  How many Xbee's can work together?  I thought they were 1 to 1?

You aren't limitted to 1:1 communication.  You can have 1 master and many other slaves sending data to it.  There is also a MESH setup that data is sent to all (still fuzzy on the details of this.)

I have 2 and haven't been able to play with them yet since I'm waiting on some extra components.

Tom Igoe's Making Things Talk book has some good information


Each Arduino would connect to the host PC via a specific serial port.  Your program running on the PC would need to talk to/check both serial ports to get the data from the individual Arduinos.