Let's Make Robots!

START: first robot


I would like to buy my parts as soon as possible, but would you like to check if i haven't forgot anything ?

I would buy

- 1 sharp IR sensor
- Tamiya Dual motor gearbox
- Tamiya tracks


- picaxe starterpack
-l293d motordriver
-picaxe servo upgrade pack


 Greetz Laurens

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You've got everything you need to buy to get started.

The rest should be possible to find around the house; some tape, some lego, some meccano, some glue, a solder iron, the paitens of a saint, some wires (ribbon cables from inside computers are brilliant. 

I would reccomend you buy some female to female headers but you can make do without them

I haven't ,
i would like to buy a tamiya chassis but i can't find it in shops where
they also have other robotparts ( so i would have to buy from more than 2 shops )

i could buy it on towerhobbys, but then i'll pay a lot of shipping costs...

Paint sticks and hot glue is cheap and you can make it any size you want.
Have you got a chassis to hold it all together? or paint stirrers? or something else?