Let's Make Robots!

LMR DAGU Contest - Ideas ... or ...

<tongue in cheek>

Just so that everyone gets a fair peek inside everyone else ideas file, I propose that all contenders in the LMR DAGU Contest post their ideas right here. Any conceptual or technical art work is encouraged. Schematics, photos, drawings, origami, whatever. Use this thread for inspiration and sharing!

After all, we are all going for the same goal, aren't we?!?!? Or are we....

<tongue out of cheek?>

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Mr. Redneck


or Mr. Basicator

or Mr. Swarchenegger

or Mr. Redneckator


Notice how the hight gives room to have the motor and batteries on the underside, which gives room for some low profile electronics on top, for a very aerodynamic style

I wonder how well that would turn? As cool as it looks I also reckon the gear train will not handle the extra strain. Better order some extras from Claudia :D

 Mr. Budget. electronics from toy, antenna from IKEA


Are you sick of the phone ringing and having to go to it? Make a PhoneBot that finds you when the phone rings :D



"I bet it's for you hon. Mum tried to ring you twice earlier today."


I'm figuring something like

if (mood == GOOD) { followLine(); } else { killAllHumans(); }

Don't know if that would do well as a robot kit though...

People are wondering where to stick the 3xAA battery holder that came with the kit. It is a bit useless after installing some of the proposed power upgrades. Here's my proposal.


It is hardly useless. I'm wiring a 2x AA battery holder in series with it to give me 6V (5x 1.2V). Perfect for my Mr. Tidy.