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LMR DAGU Contest - Ideas ... or ...

<tongue in cheek>

Just so that everyone gets a fair peek inside everyone else ideas file, I propose that all contenders in the LMR DAGU Contest post their ideas right here. Any conceptual or technical art work is encouraged. Schematics, photos, drawings, origami, whatever. Use this thread for inspiration and sharing!

After all, we are all going for the same goal, aren't we?!?!? Or are we....

<tongue out of cheek?>

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And I suppose you want to replace the motors with starter motors from an earth mover?  :D



 Mr.K9 will wipe the smile off your faces - complete with smiley Laser.

There is no messing with this guy.

He is as tough as Mental (i mean Metal)


Message from the Master :-


Many a time i would hide behind the Sofa to watch this Series (with - Jon Pertwee)
Seems you have solved the Motor power supply driver then ........(big bang theory 240volt)

This is a good idea Rik. After a big party you always find your guest have left empty cans and bottles (dead bodies as my friends and I call em) lying about, under tables, behind couches etc. I think I will try and get my Mr. Basic to find them and make a neat tidy pile in the corner.


Here some more serious ideas ;-). Introducing Mr. Disco and Mr. Evil.


This is what I wanted to see. You know, there are existing challenges for either idea.