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LMR DAGU Contest - Ideas ... or ...

<tongue in cheek>

Just so that everyone gets a fair peek inside everyone else ideas file, I propose that all contenders in the LMR DAGU Contest post their ideas right here. Any conceptual or technical art work is encouraged. Schematics, photos, drawings, origami, whatever. Use this thread for inspiration and sharing!

After all, we are all going for the same goal, aren't we?!?!? Or are we....

<tongue out of cheek?>

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If only we didn't live so far away :(

I had considered modifications as well such as Omni wheels but since DAGU caters towards Uni students without a lot of money I have decided to leave the Kit as it is and add homemade sensors such as my IR obstacle detection sensors and the antenna I did the walkthrough on. I am also going without servos. Just geared motors or steppers.

I am aiming for a cheap robot that can roam continuously without human help. This means it needs to recharge it's batteries via a docking station as well as not getting stuck around table legs. After teaching the centipede to get back on it's feet I am considering a self righting mechanism.

Some questions about the contest.

Are there any rules for the contest?

Is it allowed to make changes in the hardware of Mr. Basic?

My idea is, why not make a real 4WD robot with a motor for each wheel. The Pololu Micro Motors and wheels would be perfectly fit.


I don't know about the rules of competition though. Perhaps the Mr. Basic kit should be used unmodified. I don't know who has set the rules.


if I have 4 of those micro motors I wouldn't think twice  :-)

Maybe I will use computer vision to drive Mr Basic and some sensors to prevent colisions.. still working around on the concept.

Mr Basic becomes Mr Speedy....