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need help finding axon microcontroller


 i heve been lookig for a microcontroller that fitted me and so i found the axon

but all the shops i have found selling this is in USA or Canada

so i need help finding a shop in europe that sells the axon microcontroller

do anyone know where to get the axon?

please tell me!

but remember! the shop has to be inside europe!!!


here is a picture of it

axon microcontroller

please help me out with this one!

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i am not sure but i think that you can only get it from Society of Robots

EDIT: i posted before reading your EDIT ! 

well at least this is what the maker of the axon said:

 "As always you can buy it direct:


or from TR:

http://www.trossenrobotics.com/store...ontroller.aspx "