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is there any way to connect a picaxe board to the net? help!

is there any way to connect a picaxe board to the net? i mean i have the PICAXE-28X/40X Proto  and a 40x2 microcontroller and i want to know if there is any way to connect to the interent from my motherboard. i was thinking about to connect the PICAXE-28X/40X Proto (assembled) to a pda and which pda would connect to the net via wi fi? or a usb bluetooth module. any suggestions? is there a picaxe module for this reason?. thanx 

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I t hink you could use "Processing" and a serial connection...that would do it...simple and sweet.
PICAXE Net Server is an exciting new embedded microcontroller
web server, designed to operate in partnership with a PICAXE
chip. This small (112 x 76mm) board acts as a stand-alone webserver
without the need for a computer. Special routines enable
PICAXE-28X or 40X chips to exchange data with the web-server,
enabling dynamic real-time display of variable and input/output
data on web pages broadcast from the PICAXE net server.
• Use as a stand-alone web server with updated input/outputs
e.g. an environmental monitoring system or weather station
• Use as a PICAXE integrated web server, so that variables
from a PICAXE controlled project can be displayed on a web
page over the internet.
• Use as an internet connection for a hardware project
controlled by a PICAXE chip, so that the PICAXE control
program can be remotely updated via FTP.
• Use as a stand-alone web server, with eight on-board
configurable input/output pins, or
• Link to a PICAXE-28X or 40X chip and share memory space
so that PICAXE variables and input/output pin conditions
can be displayed on web pages served from the PICAXE net
board. The PICAXE chip can also read the time from the
PICAXE net clock and update messages on the LCD screen.
It is recommended that new users
purchase the starter pack. This includes
all the main items required to use the
system, including PICAXE net web server,
PICAXE-28X protoboard, interface cable,
RS232 serial cable and CAT5 patch leads.
The NET006 demo board is also included.
A 9V DC supply (2.1 tip+) is also required.
It is recommended that PICAXE net is
connected to your network via a hub or
switch. If you do not already have a hub/
switch the 5 port 10/100 switch
(HUB001) with an additional CAT5 patch
lead (CAB005) are recommended.
10/100 5 Port Switch : HUB001
Standard CAT5 patch lead: CAB005
Cross wired CAT5 patch lead: CAB006
The shared memory space can be
expanded (additional 256 bytes) by
adding a Philips PCF8570P i2c RAM chip
to the system.
PCF8570P RAM chip: MIC052
Spare PICAXE.net starter pack parts:
PICAXE Net Web Server: NET002
PICAXE Net Demo board: NET006
Assembled 28X protoboard: AXE022P
PICAXE-28X chip: AXE015X
Replacement Net firmware: NET003
Replacement serial cable: CAB010
PICAXE net uses a FLASH memory PIC
microcontroller. The Net firmware is
available separately as a replacement /
upgrade part (part NET003) to registered
PNS users.
For further PICAXE Net info see
The PICAXE net board is also backwards
compatible with the Microchip
PICDEM.net reference design. This
compatibility enables users to develop
their own C or assembler source code for
the PICAXE net board if desired (e.g.
using Microchips free TCP/IP stack). An
ICD2 programming socket is included on
the PICAXE net board for users wishing
to develop and program the
microcontroller with their own code.
For further Microchip info see
PICAXE net starter pack: NET001 www.microchip.com
9V DC power supply (UK only): PWR009
RS232 socket LEDs network reset
PICAXE net connected to PICAXE-28X protoboard
• Control on-board outputs and LCD, respond to digital/analogue
inputs, and send data to or from the PICAXE chip via dynamically
updated web pages (HTTP with CGI scripting).
• On-board 24LC512 EEPROM to store web pages.
• Download a new website image to the onboard EEPROM memory via
FTP (password protected). Easy to use software wizard in the free
Programming Editor software (v4.1.16 or later) builds the EEPROM
web image automatically from .htm, .cgi and graphic/sound files.
• Direct link to the AXE022P proto board for easy intefacing to PICAXE-
28X or 40X projects.
• Download a new program to an attached PICAXE chip over the
internet via FTP (password protected).
• Supports MAC, IP, ARP, ICMP (“ping”), TCP, HTTP, FTP and DHCP.
• Set IP address manually or via DHCP.
• On board real time clock with battery backup.
• On board (detachable) 16x2 LCD for user messages.
• 10baseT socket and network interface with diagnostic LEDs.
• Remote control of SPE030 speech synthesizer (purchase separately).
For further information please see
PICAXE Net Server ? can i connect to the net with it?if yes how? with w/lan? also is there a camera module for this motherboard?