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LED Lantern from DAGU

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Originally it was an oil lantern, with a smd LED, a circuit board, a toggle switch and a 9V battery, it can be converted to a fantastic classical lantern LED light, which is clean,safe and energy-saved.

Color: three color (red, blue & green) keep changing





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An energy saver and changes colors?! Purely awesome! Nice job!


This project is making more impatient for my Tri Color LED I order from Sparkfun!

but.. how is this robot-related?

A robot that can ligth up your way!!!

And in multiple colors to!!!

Its not actually a robot, but still cool.
i agree its cool even though its not a robot

As Chineses, perhaps we got a different meaning of the English word “robot”.I

n our eyes, it has a broad definiton, not limited as a machine that can do some

tasks that a human can do, it also can  be defined as a machine that works

automatically or is controlled by a compute. Such as LED flash controller, I think

 it can be regarded as a robot.

However, we just want to sharing our idea that converting some old or outdated

things to beautiful and environmental items, like this one, maybe it is not a robot

though, with few LED lights, it not only saves energy, but also reduces fuel

consumption and pollution.

Your definition of "robot" is not that far off from mine. And I appreciate that you explain the broader meaning of the word. As I also appreciate the (subliminal?) message by the baby picture. 8-)

Thank you for your hard work. I shall patiently await the fruits of it.

The LED lantern is a nice hardware hack in my point of view. And an encouragement to include eye candy to our "more conventional" creations.Maybe technically i's just a PCB with an LED on it. But conceptually, it really helps to liberate us from preconceived ideas about light, energy, automatons and the English language.

The lantern's place in the component section could be debated (as it probably will), but this project definately deserves at least a mention in this community.

You mean the baby doesn't come with it?

I thought this component entry was very appropriate.

LEDs & cyborg parts.

Even if it isn't a "robot" in someone's terms it still contains ideas and concepts that can be implemented in a robot. It is still a valuable contribution.
That lamp is totally robot. I rest my case :D