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Picaxe 08 M and IR


Can a Picaxe 08M receive a IR signal transmittet by another Picaxe 08M ? And when it receives a IR signal transmit a high on a pin so that it could act as a digital input on a picaxe 28X1?

I have looked at the manuals but cant figure it out....


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Thanks !!

The idea was to build mini IR beacons very similar to  voodoobot 's but mine would also be able to receive a command from my robot.

I was going to have the robot go around looking for them and if it found a dummy beacon ( will make different ones depending on the code the beacons send out) and if the robot found one that was sending out the wrong code the robot could turn it off.

It is for that reason I need the beacon to be able to transmit and receive IR comands.

I will also have a Picaxe 08M on my robot to tell it that there is a beacon nearby and then using a systhem very similat to CTC's free range robotics thig it will be able to pinpoint the loation of the beacon.

I hope I was able to explain my idea, it is all perfectly organised in my head but when it comes to explain it !  

from a while back hehe...It's part of my bigger project to have two way com with the beacons/waypoints.  :D

I have used this on walter. I needed walter to interrupt (stop motors) when he got an IR signal, but I didn't want his processing to be slowed down by constantly checking for an IR signal. --Here you go:

Pseudo code:

irin (infrain ect) b1

if b1= whatever then high pin whatever



if whatever pin =1 then do something

Yes it can. You have to use the infrain2 command for reception on a 08M. You can then set a pin high, and have an interrupt on the 28x1 so that whenever it sees one of its inputs high it does something. If you need further insight tell us :)
You don't actually need to use infrain. I've been doing this for some time without using any of the infra functions.
is it simple? can ir receive specific ir signals like from remotes?

voodoobot is right, i also never used irin/infrain etc..but serin and serout. (i just pointed out the infrain because it is supported on 08Ms and i slightly easier)

If you need to communicate between MCUs then i can say it is very simple. If you are using a SONY remote then it is also simple to receive the code. You can also use other type of remotes, but that needs some more code. BUT still it CAN be done.

Just tell us: planning on using a sony remote, another type of remote, or just inter-MCUs? 


I would have to agree, the infrain might be easier...I just never liked locking my procs down until I recieved some sort of sig...thats the only thing that's annoyed me. I'd go with the infrain though and see if it works for you first. If not, there are other ways.


Take a look here for ir com and here for some good info on the picaxe in general. I've usedseveral of his techniques in my code.

This guy has some great stuff as well, I'd look around his site.




The first link is amazing, i've learned much from it. It also shows you how to decode non-sony remotes