Let's Make Robots!

Venus Fly TrapBot - Solar Powered - Papillon Captured

Solar Powered Venus Fly Trap.

Following up an idea posted by (-: rik :-) here is LMRs first Solar-TrapBot that will eat anything in its path.

Its powered with a Solar Cell Miller Engine with a whopping lip-smacking 1 Farad Super Cap to power its Hungry Jaws.

If anyone whats to save Papillon the Solar-AirBot Butterfly then you have to put your Bid in Quick as its looking to be very Sunny this Weekend ...............






 Cardboard Prototype with Changeover switch

and SolarCell














 Polymorph Gearbox

 Not such an easy task.

 However its very easy to tweak the gears and motor into position when you have the basic form sorted out.


Changeover switch re-vamped as a Limit Switch - so when the BotTrap catching petals are closed it switches the power off the circuitry - mission accomplished.

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That's fantastic :D

10 out of 10 for originality and for being enviromentally friendly (except to butterflys :)

This is so original!!!
Well done. Sadistic indeed! first build a beautiful buttefly... then build a spiked trap for it.
What kind of mechanism acts as trigger for the trap?

At present the underneath of the Trap is crissXcrossed with thin copper wire (bit like a birds nest) - when two wires touch this Trips the Trap.

The nice thing is that it does not always work  - there is an inherent chance factor so its quite a suspense factor watching it realtime.

Its not exatly the way i wanted - the toothpick with wire -- inside a pen spring is still on the cards (and this would reset its self too) and would be a much more "in the Keeping" way to do it ....... its on my ThingsToDoList

That's great mate!

I am glad to see you having fun with the cork and toothpick switch. I can't wait to see this beast eat a soloar powered insect :D

You sadistic butcherfly!

Dont try to put the blame on me...................

Im just an innocent by-stander sitting on the "Garden Fence" - listening to what the neighbours suggest..........

...... Thanks rik - i had great fun making it.

As we speak its being Polymorphed (unsuccesfully i might add).

Plans are to use toothpicks inserted into "Biro-pen spring" as the actuating hairs ......... OMG thats going to be fun too.

And SkyNet is only one wifi module away. Beware of the spring loaded skewers, Gareth's neigbours!