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Diptrace vs Eagle

So I've been fidling around with diptrace and have really enjoyed working with it. Drawing out your schematic is simple enough, and converting it to a layout is trivial as well. The one thing I've noticed though is lack of some simple components when using the layout mode.

Maybe it's my noobness to doing layouts and not really knowing where everything should be located but for the life of me, I could not find a single button in any of the libs. I'm talking about the typical button that comes on most of our boards picaxe, arduino, BS2... that small 4 pin button. I've seen it it lots of eagle layouts...but again I searched in all the libs that diptrace comes with and even in the extra libs you can dl. I ended up modifying a 6pin dip as the pin postion was identical to what I wanted, but seriously....no buttons in diptrace? 

 I'mjust curious as to others expirience with this app and with having to build your own components...is this commen with this app?



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Chrome has the same problems
Who is the administrator for LMR, perhaps they can look into making LMR more Safari friendly for those of us who are enlightened Mac users ;-)
The truely enlightened also use firefox.  :D
Allready posted in the administrator forum. 

I don't know how many people here use pcb software, but maybe there ought to be somewhere on LMR where people can share their pcb layouts and lib items they have made themselves. Might be useful rather than sending items to individuals to make them more public to the whole community.

@jabbapam I have that problem to, it opens the add hyperlink dialogue in a new tab, empty =( 

Same here. I start up firefox if I want to add any links or pictures in a post.
double likewise!  :)

Please report all Safari experiences here: Safari problems - popups

Also if you have NO problems using Safari!

noob, dude? heheh

I've started with Eagle without previous electronics knowledge and just worked it out over time as in my post (node/7344). I know it's messy but with more time i will tidy it up. Eagle is intuitive but then I haven't tried diptrace.


Hmmm..I can't seem to use hyperlink when I'm using Safari on my mac.