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Chassis support for big bot... help please?

I have just resumed my project and still dont have a valid chassis idea, here are some pictures, please dont hesitate with any and all suggestions.

But some might not be considered because of the fact that I dont have a welder, CNC, lots of scrap metal.
I have not drilled on the caster wheel, because I think I might upgrade after realizing all of the bot's weight will be on the caster.

HPIM2566.JPGYou can see that it bends a bit... hence the reason for a different strategy.



I am desperate for any and all ideas... please help!

Two Wheels and a caster in the middle, roam around, for sturdiness.

I really want to make the motor mountable horizontally, however it is extremely confusing.

If you want to make more suggestions on how to make this alteration, please do! What you mentioned did not make much sense to me though.

I want something similar to this:



where I can mount these underneath the wood (flat-horizontal) and put the metal rods through this. Would this provide enough support?