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Safari problems - popups

Mintvelt posted in an obscure part of the forums about popup problems in Safari. I would like to hear from others as well. That's why I am posting in this forum. More people will notice this in the Recent posts and Unread posts.

Are you using Safari? When editing a post, can you use the "insert link" popup? Can you use the "insert image" popup? Did you ever experience problems with these anddid you perhaps solve them? How? Would you please instruct the rest of us?

Thanks for your help. I would try this myself, but I think my PC has enough browsers installed for now.

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but I keep firefox handy for anything that chrome can't handle. I have to use firefox for my online banking stuff and things like that.

And I browse LMR with firefox, it seems to work best. 

I use Macs at work but I never use Safari. There's so much that doesn't work properly in it.

Firefox is the best browser imho. It's a little slower than chrome, but has so many features and so fewer problems. I have never had a problem with firefox in all the years ive used it. Chrome is nice, but not as good. Safari = IE.
I cant insert links with Google Chrome.
Yeah, I've had that problem too. Chrome uses the webkit engine just like Safari, so it should be fixed for both of them when I get the new tinymce up and running. Which may actually be next on the todo list (though I'm not promising anything ;)

I mostly use safari, I'm using 4 beta version. The hyperlink dialogue opens in a new tab (I think this is down to my settings) and is empty. The image dialogue also opens in a tab, but appears so I guess it works.

I administrate a few joomla based sites which use tinyMCE, i haven't tried it recently in safari, but it never used to work with joomla 1.5 and safari 3. I use firefox for web development anyway, because of firebug.

 Edit: The Image uploader doesn't work properly, (images don't upload) for me. But for posting links I have found it automatically posts the link as a link if you put the link on a seperate line/paragraph. Like this:


Okay, for some reason it isn't working in this example, but sometimes it does. 

safari is a terrible browser, use firefox.

ive used several browsers nw. ma gf laptop had firefox and IE both of which where slow as anything but chrome is probs the fastest browser i use

tom J 

ah, i've heard it was good. I use firefox for its reliability and addons.

chrome is really gud for anything really. the interface is nicely laid out and really quick to use. i have lmr bookmarked somewhere but chrome knows me 2 well lol

tom J 

Now play nice fellas. Some of us could use you're help. Report you experiences with the editor popups.

Dissin' others for making different browser choices, are not belongs to us. Thank you for your cooperation.