Let's Make Robots!

BloCkY (had a tummy tuck)

navigate and detect objects

RETIRED(for now) i plan on rebuilding him some day. his parts are now on my other bot. look out for that and my airsoft bot



update: just ordered 4 futaba s3003 servos for 25 ish bucks off ebay. im gonna change my plans and put a servo on each wheel making it more capable outdoors. when that and the breadboard regualtor i ordered from sparkfun get here i shall put up a video.

update: blocky's orignal base met its destruction. had another idea so before bocky 1.0 was done 2.0 was born. its based off of two solderless breadboards and some paper clips i just need a few micro servos and to program and 2.0 will live! best part is this all comes apart. easy to upgrade, easy to change, no dedicated parts. good for testing.

new vs old .





so blocky is almost all wired now. i've slacked off a bit. i just need a servo extension to wire up the ping and for now im leaving the rfid alone..its there just no in the code or wiring.just ordered a dorkboard as well so i'll have some more room inside



so i forgot to add what this robots purpose was. it has many potential uses depending only on the programming.

because of the rfid reader and its large flat top this robot could act as if a service bot waiting by your coffee table for your empty rfid equipted glass.

or it could act as a security bot running around the house sounding an alarm if an intruder enters. and an rfid card could relieve it of its duties.

im not sure what its purpose will be yet. but im deff gonna need some help with the code 

so after getting raduino running around i decided to scrap him and go smaller..he will get rebuilt but not any time soon

the little motorized base came from one of those walmart fighting robots i took it and added a large project box. i will use its battery compartment to power the motors leaving the second pack to run the arduino.inside this "head" will be a small battery pack to run the arduino, an arduino, and an rfid tag reader.


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This robot has an attractive shape, a good work
You asked for some python serial code some time ago.... found it?
The angled wheels look so cartoonish. I love them, show us the mounting and where did you get them?
the wheels are off a walmart rumble robot. the back are mounted using the mounts on the base the fronts will be mounted on servos. neither were mounted in the picture

 I also like those nice tyres!!

what's the RFID reader for?
its there because i have one. if u read above thee are a few ideas for it. im just trying to build a versital robot platform
video will come soon. gotta wire it all up which wont be hard. programming the rfid and ping to work together might be a challenge
I like the tyres. Can't wait for video :D