Let's Make Robots!

LMR Mr.Basic Contest

To everyone that bought a Mr Basic, here are the rules of the contest:

If you make a robot to enter the contest, make sure that you add the
tag “LMR DAGU Contest” to the posting.


The kit cannot be modified. You have to use the same motors, gears,

wheels etc.But the circuit board is relaxed, chose whatever you like.

Vote for your own robot. - But also; Vote for other robots that you
think should win!

On first of July 2009 the 3 robots voted highest will each win the
price of USD 100!

May the best robots win!

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Wow I was hoping for a bit more time. This only gives a month and those who finish sooner will have more time to get votes. Guess I need to get on it and fast!
Say if I wanted to add an arm to it? As long as I keep everything in the kit the same would that be ok?
Yes, it is ok.
How about the power? Do we have to use only 3 batteries? Or can we add a more powerful power setup?