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Talkie Walkie


Lusorobotica.com and EmbeddedDreams.com made a challenge to build a robot only with one servo, and this was what I came up with.

I used the sound sensor I've done a few days ago and a little paper-boat + a servo and a box and this is the result   :)









update: 27_september_2009


I was asked to document how I did the walkie talkie bot and here it is  :)

This how the puppet works:

A hole was digger on a card box, and the micro servo is glued to the box as you can see.
One piece of paper is glued to the servo horn, and this will make the puppet talk movement.
Another piece of paper is glued to the box and it will be fixed and hold the puppet.


This is how the puppet is glued to the paper supports.   ;)

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That was really funny =p nice work
Brilliant. It proves the simplest ideas are always the best.

Thank you BOA! 

As soon as I have a little spare time I will post more details about the 'mechanism' I used  :)

Really like your Double act - when is it going to hit the stage......HeHe....

I have another impulse for you........

Stick 1 piece of silver foil  into his mouth somewhere (hidden between the paper)........ and wire it as a capacitive switch 



then when you try to poke your finger in its mouth it will bite you instead...........

haha that would be cool.. must try that "capacitive switch"  :)

This simple thermin sensor should work nicely. More detais can be found on this site.


Like everybody, i didn't know what to expect with your picture, and it's just freakin' hilarious! XD Definitly five stars!
haha thanks  :)
Awesome guibot !  Looks kindof like a fortune cookie too ... how many micros do you have?  Can one talk in the others ear?
I´m using one micro, and I have to be very close to it.. I'm figuring out a way to have the micro more sensitive to sound, in a way that one can talk in a longer distance and still have good response.