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Remote control thing

I really dont know what the exact definition of a robot is...(Being autonomisnous*) but i am going to attempt to make a 4 wheeled remote control hybrid car with AA and solor panel on top...my goal is to be as fast as i can controlling it.

Items already planning on use http://letsmakerobots.com/node/5446 ... is it any good? and are there any items/stuff that can help me or intrest me on this project...thanks for your help and hope its not too stupid of a question

what will i need? i know a source/wheels... what else/what prodects?

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hey i just came across jklug's node/596 is that right for a begineer to learn?? sorry for any typos btw
I made that right after I started making circuits on breadboards. If you are new to breadboards and circuits you may find it helpful.
Wow....i am looking at some of the LED pages and dont understand a single thing they are talking about >_<
thanks ima try to find the "led light project"
I made a tutorial where it was all breadboarded it is on here somewhere called breadboard basics I and II
To me the First robot project seems a little inane for what i really dream of making...no use for a sensor which costs a few...just trying to narrow it down to what i want
It was meant to be an easy way to start an dnot have to ask a lot of questions or get confused. It is meant to be a starting point to make it easier to branch out and do what you want.
That battery pack you linked steps up the voltage from a single battery to 3.3v. If you want to run your motors from this it won`t work. It just won`t be able to supply enough current, and the voltage might be too low anyway. But you could use this for the micro, and a different battery pack for the motors.
If you havent made anythign yet start small. Solar power has it challenges as does a remote control. Start with the start here project or even making an LED blink thats where we all started.