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37 x 33mm Monocrystalline Solar Cell

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This epoxy-encapsulated monocrystalline solar cell offers 6.7V and 31mA in a 37x33mm package. Now updated with the Miller Engine circuit!

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I'm terribly sorry you had an order that went awry. We try to keep everybody up-to-date if there are any hold-ups with their orders, but obviously your order slipped through the cracks.

We're just a few weeks from releasing a new website that will make it much easier for us to keep on top of such issue. I'd like to say there's something we could do to correct the issue, but somehow I don't think that there's anything that we could do to satisfy your anger, is there?


Dave Hrynkiw, President


Do not order from solarbotics. My last order took more than 3 weeks because these fucks failed to mention one item was back ordered... Didn't tell me in the item description, didn't tell me when I ordered it. Nothing, just a big "screw him, he will wait". With a big bunch of irony, the reason I went to solarbotics is that Sparkfun DID tell me their item was back ordered... AND, in hindsight, if I had waited for Sparkfun to get thier stuff in --and with their average of 3 days of total ship time, I would have still gotten my stuff over a week earlier. Solarbotics, you suck and you will get one of these posts from me attached to every component you post here.

The worst customer service of all time. DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE IDIOTS, PERIOD.


Hmmm, significant shipping delays due to unmentioned parts shortages... this sounds like a few other electronics suppliers I can think of =/
Surely people who work with computers and electronics professionally would have the best inventory management, and be the most likely to e-mail you promptly when something goes wrong?