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12vdc 5 Relay Board - WHO want IT!

Hi LMR's

I giving a way 2 of this nice 10 relay boards. Salvaged from working a control system to be discarted.

They are 12 vdc coils drived by 2 ULN2004, also have indicator power led and filter in the OUTs.

The board measures about  3.25 x 4.0 inches.

I hope that 2 of you people can use them.


Update------- They are SPST, one make by relay.


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if the ard. can't control servos alone, ill have it.

Just out of curiossity, those relays can be used as switched tigered by something like a Picaxe? 

if that is the case do you have one left? 

still have em? i'll take on

i might have a use for one.....how much for shipping?

Shipping to USA of one board is $0.00. ;)

Just contact me with your address.

Without being able to do some reversing I can't really use it. Thanks anyway!

I am sure you will find a good home for them.

DPDT or single? If they are DP, I might want one --At 10 relays that would be 5 sets of on/off and reverse... Seems like 5 axis of a Walter's arm! --Would go well with that great screw-jack you sent me! :)


 To bad, I forgot to mention it, they are Single.

Omron G6B-1114P-US.

If still whant it, is all yours.