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Sneek Peek Walter 2.0

Just a little sneek-peek...

Where every connection is a servo connector --The way it should be.

New Boards:



New Head:




New "Backpack":


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it is coming along nicely. :)

What will you put in the eye sockets or round thingies/wonkies? Also, how did you make the head? it looks casted.

I'm thinking about some kind of translucent film covering the eyes and some LED's behind it. --Maybe one of those cool 3-color I2C LED's.

What's it made of? Vacuume cleaner tubing --the kind you put in a wall for a "Whole-house" vac. I picked this material specially because that is what the whole-house-vacuume-cleaner-guy at work was using the day I decided to remake the head. The rest is the same expanded PVC sheet I have been using for everything else... And a lot of sanding.

Is there an "e" in vacuume? vacuum? Why the hell are there 2 "u"s anyway?

Big eyes - instant cuteness. Is there any functionality left in that head? Other than attracting women?

I like the recessed SRF in the front of the frame. Is that a recent hack?

wow the head looks really awesome.  Can't wait to see you get some eyes in there.  I'm seeing the next johnny 5 in the future.
Sick, dude!!