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SCR1 RF Controlled Robot

Anything I tell it to

This is my first attempt at an RF controlled robot.  So far, the most I've done is stripped the chassis of an old RC car, and I've started on the control panel.  I took out its motor, and will replace it with another motor that I know how to control.  I will also add a servo in order to allow steering.  This is a big improvement compared to my other robots which used differential steering.  In addition, I also have a wireless camera that will allow me to navigate the robot from its point of view. 


The Chassis



The control panel


The inside of the control panel so far.  I have yet to put a microcontroller and the RF transmitter in it.




After debugging the wireless module, I was finally able to work on the remote control.  I added some buttons, switches, and a joystick.  In addition, it is now capable of wirelessly transmitting commands to the robot.


The inside looks a bit messy, but I will clean up the wires once I have finished.


I wanted the robot to be very flexible, so I decided to make a kind of motherboard.  There will be a master processor which will be able to communicate with other modules by means of the I2C bus.  That way, if I ever wanted to add another feature, I simply plug another module into the board.  Right now, I only have one module on the board, but eventually, there will be room for five more similar modules.




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Thats a huge box for a small project, still looks cool.