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Solar Car from DAGU

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The main feature of solar car is that the 140 motor is powered by solar energy.And its four wheels are made from solid rubber with a spring shock absorber system.



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I havent made anything with this kit yet (probably wont until late summer or early fall), but I did notice that when the front wheels are turned all of the way to the left or right then they bump inot the bumper and friction causes them to not turn. When I make something with this kit I will likely cut off the front bumper or at least trim it down a bit.

how much ampere dose that solar cell make ???

nice work clau ... hehe !

I think the details of the cell are here.
how much power does that solar cell make an a sunny day?!

I got a bit over 8 volts on a very sunny and hot day. I tried to measure milliamps but I got no reading when the multimeter was set for a max of 20mA and 2mA. If it was more than that it would have shown an error instead of 0.


One VERY cool thing I wasnt expecting is the front axle is set so that the wheels can be turned left or right to handle steering. All you need to do is add your own servo. The back wheels are fixed and always turn the same direction. I'm not sure if it will have a decent turning radius but it was a nice surprise!

I think this is the same cell. The car kit doesn't state the voltage on the cell but this is sold by the same company.



This would be great for solarbots and beam bots! 5 stars.
It's hard to tell from the computer drawing what kind of spring shock absorber system you are using, could you show a picture of the details?