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mini mp3 board

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well yeha this is it  i was hoping to use it to record conversations and create cheap robic speech( kinda but the robot would speek ,not understand). but i dont know how to use it ., its avalible at futurlec, i have a pdf file about it and am currently reading it is there any way i could attach it in this post?

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well it's cool but you can still get an ISD chip for like 8 dollars or less instead of this one! Of course you'll have to build your on board... 
sorry but whats that?

A link to the MP3 device at Futurlec. The datasheet is on that page.

It appears to work with 2.7 to 3.3 volts as power, no onboard regulator apparent.  Bottom pin and top pins on right group for power.

It has a jack for earplugs/headphones, a couple pins to connect to a microphone. 

 Operation appears to be based on Serial Control Interface commands sent and received, so you have to use a micro capable of SCI to make this device run.  That means this probably won't be usable with a PICAxe, though it might be possible to "bit-bang". The SPI of the Arduino might be usable as on page 25 it talks that the SCI is SPI compatible. 

I did not see any notes of it being stand alone, or being able to push a button to record, or push another to play. 


The ISD chips mentioned do have some of that functionality, and seem easier to use. 

this makes my head hurt , im going to put this one away for a while, thanks for your help guys!.

why?? go to futurlec and search for the keyword "ISD". Those things are chip that can record sound and play it back whenever you tell them so. I've used them before and they are not hard to interface, and i can give you support if you can't manage it yourself.

Try it! 

Look up the Microchip website, get yourself a PIC which has a built-in SPI UART, download the library files that the nice guys at Microchip have already written for it, add a little bit of your own code to take input froma few buttons and you have an MP3 recorder / player.

You'll probably need to also hook up some memory. Something like an SD card....

right o ill get right on that( once i have money)

but im going to start another project first

futurlec also has a cheep memory thingy