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Navigate around objects via infrared
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After far to much time spent gathering parts, I put together my bot. I skipped using a servo for the moment so it turns on its tracks to measure distance left and right. After the time spent putting it together, and coding it, it felt amazing to see it navigating the kitchen floor. I'll have a video up soon.


***UPDATE #1***

Built on a picaxe 28x1 micro controller and programmed in BASIC ( i think?!)

Tamiya dual gear box

Tamiya Track and Wheel set

A sharp infrared sensor as the range finder.


Originally i planned on getting at least the gearbox into the project box. Needless to say that didn't work. Currently nothing is inside of the project box but I'd like to take some time and change that fact in the near future.

 *** UPDATE #2***

 OK finally got some pictures up, a video will soon follow as soon as google tells me its done baking. I have not made any changes since i first put this together. I do have a speaker I'd like to get attached, and tweak the code a bit, so that it doesn't wiggle in the corner as much as it does now.


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actually i picked them up from www.maximumrobotics.com. I'm not sure what their shipping policies are though. I like this kit a lot, it comes with enough segments to make a decent sized track, and plenty of road,idler wheels. They are a bit too grippy on carpet though.
Once again, amazing job. Could you post a couple more pics? Thanks, Brennon
Yeah, we need more pictures of this thing!

41Aaa8cEM8L._SL500_AA280_.jpgGet one of these: Desktop Defender

to stick on the top. My kids got me one for Father's day. The turret is motorised and a dual-channel motor controller could easily move the turret up/down, left/right with the firing of the missile controlled by a small telecomms relay.

I'm thinking of hooking it up to the serial port of my PC and mounting it on my desk at work. Hmmm... I wonder if I could have it track the target... 

What a great idea. I'd love to give this thing the ability to hunt down the friendly dog.