Let's Make Robots!

Checkout my robots!

Hey - did you do this, TheCowGod?

Whoever did it, I just saw that if you want to make your own profile more interesting, here is a way:

If you have made a robot or more, then find out what your user-number is. Mine is 4, and so this link:


Shows a list of my robots!

If you edit your profile you can then make a link to your projects like I did.

If everyone does that, it will be cool as we are getting to be many in here, and it is nice in a "chat" to just be able to click on the picture, and get a reminder of who this person is, what he (she) has made etc. This is not to discriminate people who did not yet finish a project. If you are in that position, you can just write that in your profile; What you are planing etc.

Is there a way we can enter tutorials this person has made as well, I wonder?

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Good tip.

Needs to be made on walkthrougs as well!

I want to show off with all my walkthroughs in my profile!! 

Yup, I did that :) I just never got around to figuring out how to automatically link it from each person's profile page. But yeah, I guess there's no reason why people can't just add the link to their profiles manually if they want it. Glad you like it :) I'll look into linking to other content created by a user -- I'd think that it could be done.


Yeah, boy! We should be able to flaunt our walk througs as well!

Nice job! :)

And it is only fair that peopla should do something themselves, get down to editing your profiles, people! We are tired of boring profiles!!

We want to see all sorts of sh*t when clicking images - even animated gifs! And slogans and all!