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Accurate temperature reading


Sorry if this post is in the wrong place but I don't know where it should really go?

Does anyone know if there is a piece of hardware that I can connect to an Arduino that will give me an accurate temperature reading. 

Are thermistorsaccurateenough to get a reading from?

Thanks in advance,


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Water and electronics isn't a good combination. So I have no idea if this will be working. Putting the sensor in water will maybe result in a short cut and isolating it against the water maybe would not give you a correct result.

For measuring air temparature I would recommend the DS18B20.


I was going to enclose the circuitry in a waterproof container and only expose the tip of the sensor to the water.  Any wires that wern't in the enclosure, I was going to waterproof silicon?

Wire it then dip it in silicon, but make sure you cover all exposed leads. You wouldn`t even need to water proof the container then.

Edit: seems like fingernail polish works well too.

How accurate do you need the temperature? Which temperature range?

You can use a 1wire device Dallas DS18B20,  this gives you a  precision of 0.5°C. Arduino code can be found here.

Or an I2C temperature chip like the LM75 with a precision of 2°C, or the LM73 with 1°C.


Thanks for your reply RobotFreak.

A sensor with in 0.5°Cwould be fine.  I am wanting to make a water teperature tester that with test around 36°C +/- 3°C.

Would you still recommend the Dallas DS18B20?