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I just discovered this site http://www.pcb-pool.com in the new Servo magazine. I went to check it out and was surprised. I can order 100 PCB boards of my shield design for $330 with 8 day turn around. SparkFuns batchPCB which is what I have been using would cost 1445.95 for 100 of the same board, and they take about a month to arrive.

Has anyone else used PCB-Pool before? I think i am going to try them out with my next order. The price would be awesome because I could offer them for sale at a way lower price, which is what I wanted in the first place. what other places have you used?

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At this stage I have not been given a price. Only told to contact Claudia. It won't hurt to get a quote. I know that the boards are good quality as I have seen the prototype board they sent on the Centipede.

Dear robots makers, we are a superior PCB manufacturer.Our strengths are high-quality (up to 39 layers), competitive cost and timley delivery. Just directly contact me to get your things done or email to shanghai@twpcb.cn.

Tell me what you need。。。 



Thats an insance price differential. You also might want to approach make magazine or a similar company and try and sell them the design and/or print it under them. Good luck.
It looked expensive for one board. It looks like a good deal though for if you need a lot. My next order I will try them out. I am waiting on an order to arrive from BatchPCB right now. If I would have discovered this place sooner I would have tried them.
how does this compare to low number production, like one offs or maybe 5 boards? do you still get the great savings?
They have a 10/$50 or 5/$30 program.  Anyone use them?  It is still more than what you are looking at with pcb-pool, though.
Also check http://www.goldphoenixpcb.biz/ Those are the guys BatchPCB/SparkFun send their batches to. 1000 cm sq (155 in sq) of 2 layer (and one side of silkscreen) is $109.99