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How many PIC users here

I was wondering how many PIC users are on LMR and what languages are being used.  I am currently a fan of the dsPIC33's and use C and assembly for programming.

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If you cut out all the pre-written libraries, C has about 32 commands or something. I don't understand why anyone uses it. RISC assembler on a PIC has only 32 commands or something similar.

The answer is "lots and lots".

I'd say a good chunk of the PIC users are using PICAXE (ie BASIC), but I favour RISC on the 16x series.

To my surprise I have started enjoying using the more low (or is it high, can never remember) - level features of Picaxe; I see myself writing and reading to EEPROM, masking bits in bytes, setting flags and that kind of stuff.

So the answer may be; One Picaxe user here, considering listening to good old BOA and take up some low/high(whatever)-level coding..

It's low. I'm low. You're high. :-)
I am always high! :P