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Mr.BlueSky (soon to be called Mr.Flex)

Mr.BlueSky ... Mr.Flex... enters the DAGU Grand Prix race............

Pit-Stop Update - proposed  completed suspension Unit

Not sure if final version will have the Custom Polymorph suspension system fitted yet.

The whole motor chassis is bolted under the main chassis to give space for suspension movement ...meaning i had to make a polymorph spacers to put the axles back in line again - the plus point is its very easy to heat the polymorph up and tweak the bolts until the axles are married (very fine tuning i must say)

Yes both versions use polymorph - first one i extruded the polymorph into long round strands - its suprisingly stable but i have only one spring - plan is to use 4 or 8 cheap springs like the ones you find in ball point pens.















The second polymorph version is a bit more drastic - i works however the gears dont exactly mesh on the down stroke - if i can solve this then this would be the version.









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I take my hat off to you again Gareth. This is a very unique idea as most (including me) would just take the Chassis for granted and move on.

As for alignment. Unless your suspensions pivot point is in line with the drive shaft then you won't get good gear mesh as the suspension travels through it's range of movement.


When i received the mr.basic chassis my reaction was "its as stiff as a board" - hence the Off-Track direction.....

The amazing thing about Polymorph is that when thin it is to some degree flexible and springs back into shape.

The extruded tubes i made out of it are very flexible but at the same time they have a good torsional springback effect and they dont stretch lengthwise..

There must be some more uses for it along these lines (how about putting conductive foam into a tube of thin polymorph and extruding it for instance - may be its an easy way to improve your grab sensors.......)

 Alignment :- Yes i was not so easy to sync the pivot point and i had to slide the gear down the axle too. 

The first version Meshed better than the second - however the second was stable for power transfer (have to make a hibrid)

I am toying with the idea of modding the axles into universal type joints - this way it would be easier to install a simpler suspension without worrying about the gear meshing.


Could you do a little tip/walkthrough on polysmurf extrusion? Perhaps some video. At the very least add something to my Tip/walkthrough on making polysmurf sheets and brackets.

I am documenting Mr.Flex (aka Mr.Bluesky,aka Mr.Basic) as i go along including the PolySmürfing -

So this will appear quite shortly in "The Making of Mr.Flex" video.

Yes i agree it would be quite interesting to make a walkthrough specifically on the techniques i used (blow trorch included).

Cool suspension system. Are you going to build an all-terrain vehicle?
Could be , i must say the Mr.basic chassis does look a bit "all terrain" MoonBuggy.
So is this your robots theme music? Old favorite. Happy bouncy music.

Mr. Blue you did it right, But soon comes Mr. Night, Creepin' over, now the recharge batteries take over.