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Mr. X becomes Mr. Red Adair

This is one of the main part for my contribution of the LMR Dagu contest. It looks like a small camera and yes indeed it is a camera. But this camera didn't give you a video or picture output. Mhhm, than it must be defect you may think.

No it is still live (I hope so after desoldering it). It is the IR camera from a Wii Remote. This is a special sensor for tracking up to 4 infrared sources. It can be accessed by a microcontroller via I2C. More details can be found at Make - Hacking the Wiimote IR Camera

I hope to get this tiny thing working for my Mr. Basic.


Update 2009-05-30: I got the IR sensor working. This is great fortress for my Mr. Basic. The sensor detects a candle light upto a distance of 2 meters. Not bad. So this will be my flame detector for Mr. Red Adair, the new name for this little firefighting robot. Named after the best known firefighter in the world, Paul Neal "Red" Adair



Tomorrow at daylight a video will follow.

Next step is building a brain for him. I will use only homemade boards for this robot.


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I got the IR sensor working See update above.

this is a great hack!!  a walkthrough would be really cool!

look here, but it is incomplete at the moment. Hope I will find the time to continue after the competition.