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I dont know how to u se it or what it can do but can i use it in any way.

It was found in a old DVD player that the laser was failing so I took it apart.

Any info maybe how i could program it / use it would be very helpful.

thank you 


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You tried to search google for a datasheet? That is all we would do to help.

Partname EN29F040-70P
Description 4 Megabit (512K x 8-bit) Flash Memory
Manufacturer Неопределенные

After long search I found this 

and this was on a pdf file for EN29F040

·  5.0V operation for read/write/erase
·  Fast Read Access Time
- 45ns, 55ns, 70ns, and 90ns
·  Sector Architecture:
- 8 uniform sectors of 64Kbytes each
- Supports full chip erase
- Individual sector erase supported
- Sector protection:
Hardware locking of sectors to prevent
program or erase operations within
individual sectors
·  High performance program/erase speed
- Byte program time: 10μs typical
- Sector erase time: 500ms typical
- Chip erase time: 3.5s typical
·  Low Standby Current
- 1μA CMOS standby current-typical
- 1mA TTL standby current
·  Low Power Active Current
- 30mA active read current
- 30mA program/erase current
·  JEDEC Standard program and erase
·  JEDEC standard DATA polling and toggle
bits feature
·  Single Sector and Chip Erase
·  Sector Unprotect Mode
·  Embedded Erase and Program Algorithms
·  Erase Suspend / Resume modes:
Read and program another Sector during
Erase Suspend Mode
·  0.35 μm double-metal double-poly
triple-well CMOS Flash Technology
·  Low Vcc write inhibit < 3.2V
·  100K endurance cycle
·  Package Options
- 32-pin PDIP
- 32-pin PLCC
- 32-pin TSOP (Type 1)
·  Commercial and Industrial Temperature


I forgot to mention that I have neaver programed a thing so i am an abusulote noob at this kinda stuff

Just because I found this in a DVD player thats what got me intrested

And if you have some easyer chips to start of with that do not cost alot i would try but I am in school and dont have a after school job that i could use to pay for something expensive.

It says at the top its Flash Memory, so it stores info that other chips can access. It`s not much use by itself.

An arduino or picaxe starter kit would be a good way to dive in to micros, or if you`re *reallY* tight on money check out this instructable.