Let's Make Robots!

Mr.Flex (Pimp My Ride) - Bridge on the River Qwai

Autonomous - Avoid Trees - 2cm Rough Ground Suspension - Roll-over Protection

UPDATE :-  Bridge on the River Kwai - Autonomous - New programming - mega fast speed - faster sensor response -
"Rollover-Bar" in action.

On Board Video (Radiocam) showing how the Universal Joints spin circles.....

PolyMorph Rollover Cage installed to protect Electronics.

(however i have to redesign the front end for sensor protection).

Polymorph Protection plate intalled underneath to protect Gears from rocks etc.

My current contender is taking Shape with the added help of PolyMorph.

Intended to go where no other Mr.Basic would dare go......... "Off Track" 

To acheive this i have been creating some rather cunning Suspension systems.

Its highly like-ly that during the making of this Bot, its name may also transform (-: just like PolyMorph :-)




First Video   :- Bridge on the River Kwai - Autonomous - New programming - mega fast speed - faster sensor response.

Second Video :- Autonomous Mystery trip around our center.

Third Video  :- Autonomous Mystery trip around house.

Fourth Video :- the progress of the Project.

It includes sequences of how the PolyMorph bits where made.

Fifth Video :- the PolyMorph Suspension system © in Action.

Sixth Video you can see the very First Test of the PolyMorph Universal Joint ©.

 Its a very flexible system - the suspension uses around 2cm of travel, which is only a 10° angle difference for the joint,

it can be bent almost 90° and still gives drive (the motor has to work a little harder though).

Seventh Video :- the Turning Ability with On-Board Radio Camera. 




















































(1) Polymorph extruded solid tube suspension (1.5 cm travel)  


















 Failed (worked but to floppy - gear meshing not ideal)


(2) PolyMorph Bracket (1.5cm travel)-



Failed (Worked but gear Meshing not so good on extreme down stroke, plus the wheels where at a stupid angle) 


(3) PolyMorph Universal Joint © (2cm travel)  ----- Looking Cool

    Using a 2cm  piece of the extruded PolyMorph solid tube .......from the failed (1) suspension unit.


     I clamped it between two brass collets and Hey Presto a PolyMorph universal joint ©.

    What this means is when you turn one brass collet the other turns to ......... no matter what angle you put it at

    The PolyMorph is flexible enough to bend and be driven at the same time.

    The only thing left to do is to intergrate the black axle holders into the front black middle part (with PolyMorph).

    The Geometry of the gear meshing should stay is perfect and stable.

    The Spring in the middle is easy to adjust for tension (-: but has to be secured before it hits any rough ground :-)

    Although its not independent suspension (ie one spring per wheel) i am hope-ing that the torsional aspect of the connected wheels will be enough to get it out of trouble.

    Installed a Polymorph GearGuard to stop the underneath plastic gears from hitting rocks and things.


 Dagu10.jpg Dagu11.jpg



















 Because it will be carrying more Electronics - i have fitted it out with a PolyMorph Roll-Over Cage. You can see this in action last part of the "Bridge on the River Kwai" video.......

  Installed a Polymorph GearGuard to stop the underneath plastic gears from hitting rocks and things.

 However i have to make some kind of Magnetic release system for the "Did-He-Think-He-Sauraus" eye-ear part.

BTW. The eye/ear PolyMorph piece increases his Ultrasonic sensitivity and range.






















The Arduino is fitted with a Motor Shield and the Ultrasonic Sensor is connected to a scanning servo.

The Motor shield has been "PiggyBacked" ie doubling up the L293D drivers to share the high motor current.

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how did u melted the stuff?

boiling water of  microwave ?

 I find Boiling water the best.....

Microwave is too hot for me - as its not so easy to control the Heat - and easy to burn your fingers - it can get Mega Hot and bubbles if you over cook it ........ 

one plus point of using a microwave is that the turntable is normally made of glass so if you want a large flat peice of polymorph then all you have to do is place another glass panel on top and press down until required thickness.

What a good idea the spring and the polystuff, looking foward to see it in action  ;)

Yes it was an interesting assembly ....... the PolySmürf is so easy to work with.....

.... Now the Big Spring Hunt to find the most fitting candidate.

 I have to secure it somehow to the chassis with a screw systen - then its should be easy to adjust the tension for soft or hard ride.

yes! adjusting the tension would be a great plus!  go for it  :)
Any video of the polysmurf uni joints in action? I wnt to see this in action :D
Whey Hey - it works - even i am suprised

a polysuspension sytem? :O

man, you own!


Yes Poly-Systems rule - thanks for you support during this contest

Smart and inovative thinking, man.

Can't wait to see it in action on some rough terrain.