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Dekatron power supply - maybe Mr Basic related?

My entry for Mr Basic is going to be a 'retro light show bot' using nixie and dekatron tubes (wiki them). For these I need 170v for the nixie tubes, 70v for the neon bulbs and 450v for the dekatron tubes. I managed to make the 170v power supply that works well, but now I'm trying to make the 450v supply, and having some problems:



EDIT: c4 and c5 are 470nf 630v 

Input voltage is 9v - 12v. The problem is in the inductor, if I try to turn the voltage up above 420v, the inductor fails, I think I need to get a physically bigger inductor, which I'll try today.

This is the current one I'm using http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=LF1100&keywords=choke&form=KEYWORD notice the lack of specs from jaycar, typical. 

I am a noob with this, so any any ideas on changes are welcome. 

rename the library file (remove .txt) if you need it to open the eagle file. 


 The prblem was I was missing C5 on my breadboard. I have now made a pcb and all is good.


Thanks for you help Odd. 

ants_lib.lbr_.txt12.71 KB
dekatron_power_v1.sch233.7 KB

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i was trying to figure out how to use my laser tube. looks like something i could use.... hehe, no, i would send you the laser but i am still too young for a credit card.

That explains a few things. I admit I was not certain what was wrong without being able to take readings with a multimeter.

I look forward to seeing the result :D

Awesome. I built a Nixie clock but it was from a kit. Eventually I'd like to try designing my own circuit for a Nixie-based display from scratch. I always liked Dekatrons too, didn't know they needed so much higher voltage though.


How did your clock turn out? I'm waiting on parts to get stuck into mine.


It turned out great. I love it, and it gets constant compliments from visitors too. I'll definitely be doing more work with Nixie tubes and other similar technologies in the future.