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You buy a little thing, give it a wire with a serial string. And somewhere else you have a similar setup. And there you go; What you write to one, comes out of the other. Any transmission of anything over air done extremely easy!

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Can you run mutiple units? Different channels? -And tell me more about this serial string.  

www.rocketbrandcustom.com baby!!

 Holy Crap! I just checked out the data sheet. Man this thing is sick. I am lead to believe the rx has an analogue output with signal strength info. Could a picaxe be programed to "find" this signal. Posibilities, man!  Damn this is cool.

www.rocketbrandcustom.com baby!!

This looked really interesting, but I couldn't figure out exactly which part numbers to order (I see a bunch of different options on their website). However, I did come across this similar-looking product (also available at half the transmission speed for just a few dollars less, which doesn't seem worth it) on SparkFun. I was surprised by how cheap it was, so I ordered one to play with. It should arrive today, I'll post more info about it once I've tried it out. How much did that Easy Radio one cost, Frits? And did you get one transmitter and one receiver, or two transcievers? This is just a transmitter-receiver pair, so the communication will be one-way, but that should be plenty for most of my projects. Still, I'd be interested to know what module I need to buy if I want to have two-way communication.


Uh, it about 6-8 months ago; I bought 3 ER900TRS, and an Evaluation kit

This is a fairly large / expansive package, I know.. But I am still using it - all the time and over and again, would really hate to be without it; One ER900TRS permanent installed in my "joystick- black box" (That I WILL docoment one day ;) and 2 others soldered with 4 female headers cables on (I, O, G, V).

Now, with this setup I can always in minutes do things like;

  • Have a robot write things on the LCD on my black box or PC (wireless)
  • Have one robot write to another - and back
  • Remote-control a robot (or an arm on a robot etc)
  • You name it ;) Just plug, insert code for what to recieve and what to do with it, play :)

 What I also like about the investment is that is platform-independant. All baud-rates can be done, anything that can talk serial (and even little 8 can do that) can work with it.

Quite important to me is also that if the robot is remote-controlled this way, you do not have to plug it in and re-code a lot of times; You just enter new parameters on your host (PC, another robot or usually Black Box, turning a not/pressing a button, reading the values in the display) - and see instantly what the changes does to the robot.

So you do not have to re-upload the whole code of a large project just to alter "75" to "80" - ups - too much, try "79", if you know what I mean :)

/ Fritsl

Do they transmit both ways or is it one sender and one reciever like thecowgod suggested. Whats the range? across the desk, across the room, across the yard? will two sets interfere for one another, or are there ways to switch the frequency?

/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

You can buy recievers, transmitters, or the transmitters - that is the ones that can do both.

Depending on the areal, I think range can be up to 100 meters - but I am never using areal, and only use it within perhaps 10 meters.

The frequency? They are digital - You have a vast amount of choises, way more than analouge, which I suspect you refer to. Channels and scrambling etc. 

 10 meters without an antenna, that's nice. No, I was actually reffering to the radio frequency the transmision is done in. But the question was: Can two (or even more) separate pairs of these communicate simultaniously without interference? 


/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

Yes. I do not have the time to read the documentation, but many, many can be used at the same time :) ANd you can code etc.


Thank you very much for your patience, fritsl. 


/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

Is there a way to hook this up to your computer so that you can control your robot via your computer? If o could you tell me a bit about it. thanks