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You buy a little thing, give it a wire with a serial string. And somewhere else you have a similar setup. And there you go; What you write to one, comes out of the other. Any transmission of anything over air done extremely easy!

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so, could this be used to lets say.. reprograme a picaxe 28X1 just like you plug it in to the pc but wirelessly ?this would be a gret addition to my robot if possible!!
In theory it could work, but I doubt. I think there must be some latency-issues in the communications proocol. But give it a try!


Can this run with Arduino?



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Of course, it is just plain serial - can run with anything :)
looks like the sparkfun one can, they have a sample program there for it.
Perfect then, ill try and make something out of it :P

Is there a way to hook this up to your computer so that you can control your robot via your computer? If o could you tell me a bit about it. thanks


Yes there is. Buy thir development kit, and you get 2 boards, to connect to 2 computers. On each board sits an EA module. You can program the modules from the computer on an accompanying program.

You can send data to and from the other cmputer, or you can take out one module and put it into your robot..

 All strings sendt to your computers port from the program is visible, and so you can build your own program on the computer that sends these strings.


Thank you very much for your patience, fritsl. 


/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

 10 meters without an antenna, that's nice. No, I was actually reffering to the radio frequency the transmision is done in. But the question was: Can two (or even more) separate pairs of these communicate simultaniously without interference? 


/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"