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Here is my first go around with Sketchup. I realize it SUCKS, but I can't figure out that dang rotate tool. My thought is that a rack gear would be moved by a servo and move the gears in the way of the motor gear.

Here is the part that is up in the air. Since cone gears don't exist (or aren't easily attainable) I thought it would be more fun if the robot had to use a clutch to move a gear away and put it back onto these gears to make it shift. A cone gear would be smoother, but this will be more of a challenge ;) This project should get some more attention when my extra servos and rack gears come in the mail.


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This is purely hypothetical and does not reflect any real world situation...

What if I were to hook up 3 servos to a picaxe 28x supplied with 5 volts and I forgot to solder a 330ohm resistor on to the signal pin. Would that fry said servos... hypothetically?

I have hooked 6 servos to an Arduino without the resistors and all are fine (servos and Arduino). I guess they are there to limit the current to the servos in case something goes bad.

Ok I proved my servos were good by putting them on a project board. Here is how I have it wired:

Picaxe 28x1

Pin   Goes to

6 serial in on stereo adapter

7 serial out on stereo adapter

8 ground

19 ground

20 5volts (9volt on a 5volt regulator)

21 signal for servo

22 signal for servo


Am I missing any pins? What about reset on pin 1, is that supposed to be ground and the board resets when the connection is broken? Or does it reset when pin 1 connects to ground?

Ok so I'm a moron... the orange wire is signal not the brown ;) They work. I'll hopefully finish this project this weekend.

Actually I have no clue what them 330's are there fore. I once wrote som bull about them damping electric noise or something, but BOA told me that I was way out.

Good answer, ha? 

Well poo... I guess I'm going to desolder the 8m and go with the 28x. That sucks

I dont get this?

You want to use 8m to control servos, I show you that there even is a ready made board for it, you say it sucks? 

It sucks bcause I have to buy it, pay $9 for shipping when I have a 28x1 sitting right here I can use ;) I was hoping there was a home made solution. I swapped out the chips.

Ok so I got everything soldered onto perfboard and the servos don't seem to work. I've tried 3 of them so I know it isnt an issue with them. Does the Picaxe 8m support servos the same way 28x does?


Servo 2,130
Servo 1,130
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