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Light Control Robot - and now finally finished with Movie 1

Fire fighting and light follower

Hallo everyone,

I present you my edition fire fighting and light follower robot. This is my third

 robot with Picaxe 28x1 and my costliest robot.

I used:

- One motor for my blower (14000U-1). He needs more than 3 A.


- Two gear motors RB-35; 50:1; 12V,


- One accumulator 12V; 1,2Ah,

- Four LDR


 - One SRF05 (currently not used)


- Two 28-pin Project Boards and (one of them destroyed)


 - Two microcontrollers Picaxe 28 (one of them destroyed)


I used for gear motors one l298 H-bridges.


For the control of my blower took I ULN2803A, but the Collector Current only 500mA was, were Picaxe, ULN2803A and project board destroyed (Therefore costliest). ULN2803A is ok, but why Picaxe and project board???

Now I used for the blower one PNP Transistor BD250C (Collector Current 10A).


  1. Fire fighting - see a film 1 and film 3  
  2. Light follower - see a film 2 and film 3



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Thanks a lot! I love seeing the code that makes it work.
The light following (part 2) code, only if its not too much trouble though. :)

symbol pause1 = 50
symbol pause2 = 20

let pins = %00000000
readadc10 1,w1
debug w1
if w1 > 900 then goto start
goto as

readadc10 1,w1
readadc10 4,w4
if w1 >= w4 then goto forward1
if w4 > w1 then goto backward1

readadc10 1,w1
readadc10 2,w2
readadc10 3,w3
readadc10 4,w4
let w5 = w4 - 100
    if w5 > w1 then goto backward1
    if w1 > 1200 then goto stopp
    if w1 > w2 and w1> w3 then goto forward2
    if w2 > w3 then goto leftforward
    if w3 > w2 then goto rightforward
goto forward1

let pins = %00000100
pause pause1
goto forward1

let pins = %00010000
pause pause1
goto forward1

let pins = %00010100
pause pause1
goto forward1

readadc10 1,w1
readadc10 2,w2
readadc10 3,w3
readadc10 4,w4
let w7 = w1 - 100
    if w7 > w4 then goto forward1
    if w4 > 1200 then goto as
    if w4 > w2 and w4 > w3 then goto backward2
    if w2 > w3 then goto leftbackward
    if w3 > w2 then goto rightbackward
goto backward1

let pins = %00001000
pause pause1
goto backward1

let pins = %00100000
pause pause1
goto backward1

let pins = %00101000
pause pause1
goto backward1

let pins = %00000000
readadc10 4,w4
    if w4 > 900 then goto as
goto stopp

It looks almost capable of flight :D

Hey, can I see the code for light following? Thanks. :)

which part?

Part one -fire fighting or / and

Part two -light follower or / and

Part three - light follower with PWM and fire fighting


I like the wind candle fighting. :)
That is pretty cool.  I was going to try a hovercraft, but I like the blower + driven wheels.