Let's Make Robots!

My usb Robot Mimoks M1

moves when detects sounds

Usb powered

Sound sensor

light scanning movement

bicolor eyes

changing states


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Very nice robot!




Hey hello, very cool your robots, the first Mimoks were somthing like these guys, and they obtain the energy via the feet like yours. my page was down time ago, my server company close, you can visit www.mimoks.blogspot.com, is the same page, the com.ar jumps to this one. But I was uploading pics in the Facebook page "Mimoks robot toys" and you can add me to your friends "Mimoks usb toys" too.

your robots are very cool,

what's happen with your homepage? it doesn't work.


check my creations too. I think i have founded a mad robot creator as me.





please upload schematics

i am interested in  sound sensor circuit