Let's Make Robots!

Mimoks M2

sleep if theres no sound for a while and it´s dark and wake up with sounds

Usb powered

Sound sensor

Light sensor

expresive display face

changing states


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What a cute little robot! Very imaginative using an 8 segment display for face.
i like your easy but effective approach to robotics
he's so smart :-)
Thanks for the comments, I am building a big robot too (big compared with this, aprox 10 inchs tall), a cilinder with hands and a lot of optics sensors, I will upload some pics too.
that's cute and very original. Love the display eyes :)

he is so cute i am very new to  lets make robots an havent built a robot

 but in the progress i would just want to know how you build a usb powered robot?? thanks if anyone can answer!

Thanks, it only takes 5 volts of USB port, the port has 4 pins, the external pins are 0 a 5V, you can use it to power a circuit, the circuit must be low current, if not the port maybe burns.