Let's Make Robots!

Mimoks M3

fires when something is too close

Usb powered

proximity sensor

motorized arm

light pulses gun

bicolor eye

lateral led indicator

changing states

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It looks like it might be a kit or something, what with the case and "USB!" sticker on it. Maybe it just comes as parts? That mimoks website seems to be constantly down.

I designed these robots, the original idea was build a group of dummies made of electronic parts and sell it like a kind of art/industrial design product, but then I had the idea of use the parts to do something and power them through the legs, something like 2 leds on the head, a time later I added sensors, microcontroller and motor. the ones I post aren´t the last version, I did some changes in the design to make them more resistant and easy to build, little changes, but now they are very good looking, I sold some of  them via internet, I am going to sell them in shops soon, I think of sell the sparte parts too.


can you teach my how to make that

It´s very difficult, it isn´t only a circuit, have a program too, please search robim robot in youtube there´s a very simplied version of these robots, but it´s easy to make, and very cheap. If you want more information or get a robot, please send a mail  to info.mimoks@gmail.com, you can found other info at the blog: mimoks.blogspot.com