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Gadget Gangster!

Well, they accepted my entry to the Gadget Gangster Father's Day contest...

Just thought you guys would like to take a little look (it one of my better videos). It's not a bad deal either, if a kit sells I get 20%. Actually, if you are looking for a fun, easy learn-to-solder kit buy one!! (I could use the money)

If nothing else, I wanted to drop a plug for Gadget Gangster over there, it seems  they have a pretty good set-up and Nick (the guy I've been talking to) seems to be a stand-up guy.

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Stick to robots!!!LOL


Anyone having trouble getting to the Gadget Gangster website?
lagged a second or so, then showed up nice

Found using Proxyweb, I can see the website fine, but trying regularly through any browser, it never shows up.

My ISPs DNS is a PITA.

I love the way your dog walks off as you are giving your final pitch. Obviously he'd made his decision!
lmao, man I love that video.  You should make more lol.
 very funny. I was going to buy one until i flipped a coin on it and sorry it was tails.
I just don't know, I'm havin' trouble deciding :}

I signed up at Gadget Gangster, and got the dev pack of boards. Now I'm awaiting inspiration... Looking forward to doing something with them, if I can ever figure out what that something is.

One of the rules for the Fathers Day contest is using a Picaxe, which puts me squarely out of the running ;) Guess I should probably acquire a picaxe setup one of these days too.

Anyway, enough ranting. Looks good CtC! So far it looks like you're the only one they've put up. That should definitely increase your chance of getting that o-scope.


Nice entry, good video