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LMR Start Here Robot Mark III aka BOSS EZ-bot

Avids obstacles by scanning with Sharp IR sesor


Here is  the LMR Start here Robot Mark III, aka BOSS EZ-bot. "BOSS" as in Gadget Gangster BOSS Board.

Many thanks to Frits for his original design.

Modifed Frits' AXE020 design using a separate PICAXE 20M and a L293 motor driver, Sharp IR sensor GP2D12. Uses ping pong ball as 3rd leg.





















More to follow. 


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hay wht was the code u used for this ? im  a beginer and im making a robot similar to this one next week with my partner. it would b great if u shared it


thanks in advance :)

I will. Let me first I finishing the write up for the Gadget Gangster Father's Day Contest.

Which PICAXE chip are you using?


I used a PICAXE 20M, but it also can be built using a 14M.

It is very similar to Frits' Start here robot, with the servo pin location changed. 

C'mon Myc don't let me down here,

Be sure to get this entered before the deadline! So far it seems that I am the only entry and really I want the power supply more than the o-scope. If you get this entered in time, you will surely get 1st place leaving second to me!

Sorry Chris

Entered it this afternnon! Still have to do a video. 

But, am nowworking on a second entry, after all we got 2 BOSS boards

The next one is Das BOSS BlinkenLED Swiss Army Knife. Slrt of a handy dandy 8 LED sequencer. that wiil also drive lamps and small motors.

I hope one of these will get me the power supply too, as I already have an o'scope.

Actually, the BOSS Board is fun to work with once you figure out where the traces are.

I did a DIPTRACE template to work from. 

BOSS Board Traces

If you would like I can send you the full size pdf.



You know, if either of you did win the oscilloscope, you could always give it away as a prize on LMR. As for power supplies, unless you need the functionality of a proper desk power supply, you could always make your own, there is a guide here: http://www.wikihow.com/Convert-a-Computer-ATX-Power-Supply-to-a-Lab-Power-Supply

variable voltages are possible too: http://www.wikihow.com/Add-Variable-Voltage-to-Your-ATX-Based-Bench-Power-Supply 

I am a beginner of DIPTRACE and plan to draw a schematic for motor driver (L293).

May I know which library i need to choose to start the drawing??

Hope you can rely me as soon as possible.

Thank you.