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Simple object detection & avoidance. Testbed for tracked locomotion

July 24, 2009 Update:

Upgraded to use the new Pololu chassis plates.


This is my second bot.  This one uses a RP5 tracked chassis that I bought from Pololu.  It also uses Pololu's Qik2s9v1 serial motor controller.  Currently the only sensor is a Parallax Ping attached to a servo for scanning.  I plan on adding some Sharp IR's for close in detection and an optional line-following kit.


I made an Arduino library for the motor controller.  It can be downloaded from: http://code.google.com/p/qik2s9v1arduino/

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Very nice looking machine.  What problems did you have along the way?

The biggest that I'm still dealing with is that one motor needs more power than the other to drive straight.  I'll probably put encoders on the gears to help.


The other issue is the "stuck in a corner" problem that I'm still working on a good algorithm for.

Nice cliff hanger too.

Watch out!

lol nice work so far. :D 

I liked this tank chassis so much, that I decided to purchase one! GREAT early bot!
land shark like on jak3?
Don't have Jak3.   It was more Landshark based on the old SNL skit because it knocked over walls.  Plus the Jaws music fit the video better. :)