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Difficulty connecting Srf05 to Picaxe28x1

OK, at first I tried using the PCB connector thing (white, thick, multiple wire wires) and it got annoying because I wasnt certain which clip would be for which wire, and now I am facing even more diffilcuties. I took apart a computer recently to find spare parts, and I found a couple 4 pin female ports, I conected a couple wires to it, and isolated the one at the end, a yellow one. Now, I dont know If I did it right, but I attempted to solder the one wire to the actual board, was I supposed to? Or use a pin, now I have excess solder that I think might mess up the connecting, because, as you can see from one of my pictures, its an aannoying glob. So I conclude with two questions:


1. How do I get rid of some of that solder?

2. What is a more practical way to connecting the Sonar to the Microcontroller?






This picture shows the solder mistakes the best











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To remove the solder, do you happen to have a Vacuum Desoldering Tool or can you borrow one?  It's well worth the cost if you are going to be doing any quantity of soldering.  Just push the plunger down, get the solder liquid, hold the tool just above the puddle and release the plunger.  It sucks the liquid solder off the board.  I've heard you can use Desoldering Braid too, but I've never tried it.  I think it's a similar process, but you dip the braid in the pool and it wicks the solder away.

As for connecting the sonar to the board, I would use the pins over soldering, if you have a choice.  What if you want to use the sonar on another project?  You can use your female to female cable you already have and three male to female jumpers to connect the pic board pins to the female cable. You can also use female to female jumpers to go stright from the sonar to pic board pins.

Oh man, desoldering braid is SO much better than the vacuum desoldering tools. I had tried several different desoldering tools and could never get them to pick up almost any solder. Then I finally tried the braid, and it works SO much better. I can suck up solder bridges on PCBs, wipe my soldering iron clean to re-tin it, etc. You plcse the braid over the solder and then apply the soldering iron to the back of the braid to heat it up -- when it gets hot enough, it sucks up the solder and you're left with a clean surface again. I love it :)


Ok, so I am buying the desoldering braid, thanks


Wow, Im dumb,  "female-to-female" jumper wire duh

Quick gender understanding on connectors: males have pins, females have holes.

A female-to-female jumper wire has a female connector at both ends so you can connect them to the pins on the boards.


Does your camera have a "macro" switch?