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My soon-to-be-robot Turpis is giving me a pretty hard time. For images and more info on Turpis see node 760. I'm using Fritsl's code for it, so I at least know I've got good code. I was happy to see that the code was downloaded properly, but I'm not getting any movement. After reinserting the batteries multiple times it is apparent that I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know what.


Help appreciated :),



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get a digital multimeter, its not expensive and it will help you much.

btw what is the point of all this if you dont know what you are doing? is it just to impress your friends?  sorry but i dont see a point

That's a bit harsh. Hands up everyone who knew everyhing they were doing the first time they did something?

I for one do not know what I am doing! I just found out that plenty of glue does it for me!

- And yes, I only do it to impress my friends, and you guys! If not, i'd just make a smart program that would calculate something really hard to calculate, that noone understood the input nor output from.

Robots are made to impress - ourself, your parents, and the (usually) nice people at LMR :D

Flame on you, Kody!

Ok sorry maybe it was hard, i had no bad attentions.

He doesnt have to know all stuff to make something, i dont know either, but he should go step by step and explore things that he's dealing with. How can you help him with some advanced stuff (how can he understand) if he doesnt know the basics which are a prerequirement to understand this advanced things, and as I could see people tried to help on few threads.
Of course we are doing this to impress others, but i think we do it also to learn new things, and thats why i dont see a point trying to make something and in the end not knowing the basic principles how those things work and why it is the way it is, like what happens when you set a pin high, etc...
Maybe I am totally wrong, but thats just my opinion.

"but he should go step by step and explore things that he's dealing with."

Yes - I totally agree! Totally. ANd has been on "he's" back for that as well :)

But still - it was fun to flame you, Kody - never happend before in here to my knowledge :D "I was the first to be flamed on LMR, Kody" :D

np, thats part of life :)

again, it was wrong formulated from my side. The "no point" thing referrs just to this project, because in my opinion he should go with simpler things first. BaseOverApex said it very nice when mentioning the "running before we can walk" scenario.

Cheers, no hard feelings

For the record, I am not doing this to impress anyone. However, I am afraid that if I quit on my first robot I might be at risk of quitting robotics entirely. Like I said, I've been starting VERY small with the BASIC Stamp, and I'd love to do the same with picaxe, anyone know of a good beginner's kit with instructions of projects starting small, a module, etc.? I'm looking for what I have with the BASIC Stamp only for picaxe.
Robotics may be a life-long hobby, and I'm trying to learn by doing, I want to know I can make a simple robot. Of course, starting small is extremely important, I just don't want to quit on Turpis yet. Call me crazy, but I hate quitting anything.
I'm out of the country right now (I'm typing this in the hotel lobby), but when I get back I'll be sure to get a digital multimeter.
I would also like to mention that I have made some progress. In fact, when I get this glitch sorted out I'll be done. I wouldn't call this bot "advanced".
I'm ashamed to admit that making a robot from scratch was much harder than anticipated, I'm trying to work harder to finish it. I'm sorry if I came off as a nut case. :) 







P.S. My friends are hard to impress, they want something that will predict the future and turn into anything. :D Only joking. :) 



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