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EEPROM code for iCon...

This is a simple code that takes values from a pot and adc channel, writes it to the eeprom, then plays back these positions to a servo. This is a very basic version of what I use to prerecord moves for walter's head.


i2cslave %10100000, i2cslow, i2cbyte

for b1=0 to 255 step 1
readadc 1,b2
gosub writeit
gosub servomove
next b1
goto playback

writei2c b1,(b2)

pause 3000
for b1=0 to 255 step 1
readi2c b1,(b2)
gosub servomove
next b1

servo 0,b2
pause 50

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Thanks, i have some experimenting ahead of me.