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Sell high brightness LED, perfect for using on Robot, 7 different colors available

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Vendor's Description: 



7 colors available ( white, blue, green, yellow, red, pink, orange)
high brightness
20 pcs/ pack, one pack one color
working voltage DC12V
perfect for decorating your robot

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Can you make the link more specific? I can't find the led's.
Generally on smaller robots the highest voltages present are from a single 9VLED, but I am sure they will run on that.
I think the 'Related Shop' link may be incorrect.
12v I would imagine they are bright.  Thats alot of power you need.  I like the preset wires it comes with though, also good price $.25 per LED.
Do you happen to know the light output in millicandela or lumens? They look pretty bright though :)