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Ant Hexapod with very cool moves

Hexapod with very cool moves



The video may take a short while to load.....its worth the wait

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This is the robot that motivated me to start with this hobby.  I saw it about 4 months ago - here is the second video where he has it walking: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDaNkff5Yyg&feature=channel

omg I'm in love...

Coca Cola: Choice of a New Generation of Robotic Ant Overlords.

Yea I seen that about a week ago.  I thought it was very cool.  It have an awesome program though.  The controller is pretty cool but looked to be alot of money to build one.  You can go to lynxmotion.com forum and robot dude explain how to make it and all on there.  I would love to make something like it for my bot, but hoping to find a way to make it cheaper.