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CMPS03 with Picaxe 28x1

Hi, everybody.

Couple of days ago I received my brand new CMPS03 along with some other components. And today I had time to test it. The interfacing circuit and test program was taken from http://www.robot-electronics.co.uk/htm/cmps2axe.htm .


It worked just fine from the first attempt both using regulated and non regulated supply. By the way, on one of the pictures is my new regulated 5V power supply which I've made especially for this test. It was a good practice for circuit construction thou...:))


Now the question is (it maybe stupid, but I'm not so good in electronics (yet :) ) :

Is it okay to use not regulated power supply? The manufacturer explicitly states that regulated 5V should be used. Will using non regulated supply cause damage to magnetometer chip or affect readings due to voltage decline with time?

Thanks in advance!