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Well I am the epitome of the word "beginner" when it comes to robotics, electronics, mechanics, etc. and I wanted to know which books or magazines one would suggest to a beginner with absolutely no mechanical background. I've heard things about "Robot Builder's Bonanza" and The Evil Genius Series, but I've also seen comments that these books can be hard to follow without an understanding of some electronics. I am still in High School if that will narrow down any suggestions. Thanks for your help.

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ah well, the book "robotics for beginerrs" and "intermediate robot building" by David Cook were really useful to me, especially the first one, which also gave an overall view of the basic electronic components you'll be using. Can't say much else as they are the only one i've read so far!

I agree with the tuna :-).

David Cook's books were also the ones that really made me understand stuff. Previously I had been reading both the ARRL handbook of radio communication and The Art of Electronics but they were mostly into the electronics stuff and not into how to drive motors and stuff. David does a great job of explaining the whole package of building robots and makes it fun to read. I think the only "really" theoretic stuff in David's books is Ohm's law and still he manages to explain a lot of stuff from a practical point of view.



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sounds great!!!